Active Release Technique

Jeff provides the Active Release Technique treatments for a variety of patients. He is the only registered qualified providor in the south east. Active Release Technique® (ART) is a patented technique developed 30 years ago by Dr. P. Leahy when he was working with professional athletes as a way to treat soft tissue disorders so they could return to performing optimally as quickly as possible. Over the years, ART has gained significant level of popularity worldwide and is now considered as the ‘gold’ standard in soft tissue therapy. Due to its effectiveness, many professional sports clubs such as Everton and Tottenham Hotspur football clubs have started implementing ART as part of their treatments for their athletes 


Active release technique is a soft tissue technique that combines both movement and massage to treat musculoskeletal conditions caused by overused muscles.

Every ART session is uniquely tailored to the client. The ART® provider uses his/her palpation skills to identify the muscles and soft tissues that are problematic. The problematic tissues are then treated by applying tension in a specific direction with very specific movements from the client him/herself. The aim of the treatment is to increase the level of blood flow to the affected area, facilitate the realignment of scar tissue and restore normal range of movement, thus, enhancing the speed of recovery.    

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